Roll Call: The Best and Worst Dressed of the AMAs Part 1


Last night TVs across America collectively decided to not give a fuck about the 40th Annual American Music Awards. I didn’t tune in because I was nursing a pretty severe hangover and had to wax my gooch. Even though I didn’t watch the awards I am still going to judge the fuck out the outfits that paraded down the red carpet last night.

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Role Call: The Best Moments from RHOBH

When you’re a little kid, staying home from school was truly awesome. You were waited on hand and foot, you got a cold or warm compress professionally applied by your mom, you had access to unlimited popsicles, chicken broth, Goldfish crackers, and you had nonstop Saltines on deck. Judge Judy on the reg. Montel reruns for hours. That’s the life, son. Read the rest of this story »


Roll Call: The Hottest Presidents

This is it my little gaybies. We are one day away from electing the next Leader of the Free World!  Tomorrow America decides if they want another four years with a Grammy winning president who balls outrageous, has a hot ass wife with toned arms, is best friends with Jay-Z, and collects Spider-Man comics or this guy:

Cat Daddy
No cat daddy?! FUCK YOU ROMNEY!

Roll Call: Stormin’ Mormons

At we are dedicated to providing you with in-depth investigative reporting combined with award-winning journalism. In a continued effort to provide you with the news you need to know, we present our new series: Roll Call. Roll Call combines hard hitting facts with pictures of hot men. First up in our series is Hot Mormons. Read the rest of this story »